How you???

Welcome to my site. This will be my 1st attempt to “LIMBAUGH” my life in the blogosphere. I will hope to talk about what is important to me at this particular moment. I am a Catholic, a Teacher, A husband, a father, a son, a brother, a Chicago cubs fan, a SBUX fan and barista and political gossip hound.

I enjoy a bunch of stuff and will attempt to put it down in this cite. Please consider feedback as I will read it all and may respond to some.

Here is a random Eddie in INDY fact, when I was High School, I was in a band…a rock and roll band. We were pretty good. Believe it or not, I am smaller now then when I was in High School…..I wish my hair was that long again. I still own that 4001 to this day.That is the best Bass I have ever played……still!

Bye now, and God Love you