Me, Myself and I—-Eddie in INDY

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Well, Here we go…

Hello, My name is Eddie and I live in Indianapolis, Indiana. I am a Instrumental Music /Music History teacher for the last 28 years and I am still in love with teaching. I still have the 1st year teacher idealism I had since back in 1989. I am 50 years old and I will turn 51 on September 28th. I am Married to the other half of my sky with whom we have 3 boys….22, 20 and 17

For the past 3 years, I have been following a number of bloggers who are putting their stories of heart break, divorce, kids, marriage, love, religion, God, Jesus, Vinyl Records, empty nesters (or soon to be so), politics, Chicago Cubs, Fox News, hummingbirds, bond fires, craft beer, micro wineries, greasy spoon dive restaurants, Kellyanne Conway, The Beatles/Rolling Stones/ Beach Boys/Bob Dylan, falling in love, falling out of love, mid life crisis, Saddleback Leather products, pull-ups, push ups, stereo systems, Ford Pick-up Trucks, Dealing with the death of a parent, dealing with the broken heart of a parent, The Catholic Church and defending her against all who slander her, teaching, Starbucks, Mental Illness, log splitting with axes, mauls and wedges and others.

I feel this is the time for me to enter the fray.So here I go. Please know I have NEVER cared of what one thinks of me.

I me Mine is a Beatles Song written by George Harrison. I encourage you to look it up on your own.

I have been a high school competitive Marching Band Director for the past 17 years. This year for the first time in 17 years, I am working on getting the High School Numbers UP so I have hit the High School Band Director’s lottery by going back to my roots—Elementary Band/Beginning Band. What happened to me has been nothing short of a family blessing

My family has put up with me for the past 17 years as I have given up my summers but now, I was able to go camping, visit Wrigley Field, build up my back yard with a killer firepit and among other things….make new friends

I have been on a mission of sorts and have taken it upon myself to lose a bunch of weight. At this writing, I have lost 138 pounds over the last 2 years. My BMI is 24.7 wich means I am at the weight that I am supposed to be at my height:6 foot even. I can not believe how much energy I have and quite frankly, how much more I am flirted with. Let me explain this. I suspect I may get some push back for this

I have come to realize that women are more attracted to confidence and a big smile with clean white (not yellow) teeth than a physical appearance.  A smile goes along ways. I have never had so many different women subtly and openly flirt with me; from a wink and a smile to a giggle to a phone number (in spite of a blatant display of my 3rd finger on my left hand with the gold band to getting pictures taken of me at work without my permision. It is something to pique your curiosity— so loose wieght , smile a lot, listen more and you too might get a phone number (or 3 like I have). But keep your shit in check. Do NOT give into temptation. Paul Newman said it best:  Why would I want hamburger when I can have Prime Rib (Ribeye for me) at home? It is flattering but can be obtuse and uncomfortable.

John Coltrane is someone I have admired but have not analyzed to the depth of Pet Sounds, Sgt Pepper, Blonde on Blonde, and Exile on Main St. He is at a level all his own….He has the complexities yes but the genius of his music, the dexterity of his playing, the melodic line and technical virtuosity of his music deems it necessary to study him. I have 3 albums of Trane: Ascension, Ballads and Live at the Village Vangard. All are works of art.The next album I purchase of Trane is unknown at this time but I will be patient until the next opportunity comes along. I hope to have a review of it in the future

Ok, Well—let me know what you think by liking my first post. I hope to add this blog to another one soon. I will try to write on a consistent basis but I doubt I will

Good Luck to all those who read this (my first blog) and know I am unsure if this is going to pan out but am willing to give it a go.

Bye now, and God Love you!










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