I did not choose to have a great day, it chose me!!!

Peace be to you!

As I sit and enjoy a Friday Night of catching up on my Friday Night Lights Netflix binge watching (S1 Ep15) I am reminded that good things come to those who wait…but isn’t it cool when they happen and you recognize it, realize it and did not ask for it???…

That is what happened to me today.

Here, Grab some coffee/Beer, snuggle into your favorite place to read computer blogs and enjoy part of my day!

I got up this morning completely refreshed and rejuvenated. (I only slept about 5 hours 4:15am).  I came out of bed, dragged the dog out of our bed to outside to do her “sinful business” (apologies to Ned Flanders) and went downstairs to do my morning workouts. I was able to hit the magic number of 50 push ups; a goal of mine to do as many as my age…..My birthday is soon….and I will be 51….

As I finished my sit up routines(30), My water was boiling and I made some French Pressed Coffee. Man, it tasted wonderful since I have not made my coffee that way for at least 3 months. Instead of waiting  for the dog to come IN, I went out and sat on our beautiful wood deck. I want to make clear how beautiful the backyard is. We have worked very hard and making this a special place. I then went outside and sat with my coffee that I made PERFECTLY and as I savored the complex flavors and back tastes, I noticed my dog was barking and the light of the sun was starting to break. The Sunrise was about to happen.

God gave me a spectacular Sunrise. I faced east to watch it break over the horizon. I had a moment that I felt that God made for me and ONLY for me. The stillness in the morning air, the quiet among the birds in the trees, the silence of I-65  as I heard no 18 wheelers hitting the warning slots that remind drivers they have crossed the solid white line…just me, God and my breathing….even my dog was quiet (reverent???) As the sun grew in diameter and more bright, I thought to myself, it is going to be a beautiful day!

I came back inside and went upstairs to where my wife was still in bed with the silence of her dreams. The dog’s collar was jingling as she was making her way upstairs. I started my shower.

On the east side of our bedroom is the window that has filled our room for these 20 years or so. The light hit her delicate head and as her face shrived against the brightness of the sun beams  as they began to break through the clouds. They came in through the broken clouds, she whispered, Good Morning. Thank you God for a mate like her.

As the young morning continued (6:30am), I put on my shirt and bow tie, cleaned up my shaving routine, splashed some POLO cologne on,  groomed and then went BACK downstairs and put on my record player one of her favorite albums: Let there be Rock by AC/DC. I had to leave to get gas and the last I saw was really cheap at 2.06. She was jumping out of bed and running toward the shower. I was heading out the door with my french pressed coffee (cup #2)

As I was heading to school, I found gas for 1.88 gas. YEP, that is cheap right now and I am doing the happy dance….and pulling out my credit card; my truck is a whore for cheap gas. …As I filled up my steel horse, I was able to fill up for under 25 dollars….Yep, Beer Money.

OK, All, thank you for reading my blog. Thank you for your encouragement and thank you for taking the time to read into my heart and soul.

Bye now, and God Love you!



Fred my student, the class spiritual advisor

My new Goal: Dressing better and more professionally


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