Bacon and Honor…..What else is there in life on a Sunday Morning (went to church on Saturday)

Peace be to you!

I woke up early again. ……I am starting to really get into this 5 hour sleep thing. I sleep hard and awake refreshed. I woke up at 3 am and came down. Dog was NEEDING to get outside and coffee pot calling my name.

The stillness of the morning was evident this early time with a full, I MEAN FULL, moon. The sun’s reflection on the lunar satellite was very bright. Enough to cast a light so faint shadows can appear. I thought about my mother who pasted about 18 months ago. Doesn’t hurt that deeply anymore but I would be lying to you if I said I was completely over it.

When I came back in, my coffee pot was making the gurgling sound that lets you know the water is out of the tank. In the kitchen, i reached for my half and half for my coffee and noticed my wife picked up 2 packages of bacon and 2 packages of sausage:


Ok, Bacon.


BACON !!!!


One of the blogs I have been reading is from a man who is going through a divorce. He really put his relationship first and spent MOST of his time supporting his spouse. I have come to see just how narcissistic this set up is. She was the focus of attention and all he did was back up her lame assed projects and hyper fitness regimen without question. She HAD to do so much. “Leonard” (not his real name) has my respect because since it is his life that he planned AROUND HER…..and she left him. Just like that. Just as if you would change the channel on a remote. Patty, (HER REAL NAME….yea, what are you going to do, kill me?) claims he did this, he did that and he said this and that. You know what, your lives would still be together if you brought home a package of bacon. ….

Yea, I wrote that. Bacon can change the way your relationship is headed and change that direction.

PATTY, wanna know something? There is SOMETHING that men want MORE than sex. It is honor. Yes, Honor. If you honor your man, he will NOT leave your side. And honoring him is something you may NOT like doing because of the wrong placed feminist pride thing.. It is something you MUST do to keep the relationship going. No, not the subservient thing, not the biblical statements of what a woman should do to for her husband but what she should do to keep her husband. But what I do not think you understand is how easy it is. Fry him up some Bacon and make some for you as well because we as men, Love to eat with family/friends. It helps us, it strengthens us socially and emotionally and builds ties with other members of the family. We can refocus on what is important with our family and spouses. In reality, cook us ANYTHING and make us sit down with you. Honor us with YOUR TIME. You should NOT nor should we treat you like an associate to the marriage.

it is so important that communication is a top priority in any relationship. One MUST share opinions, observations, comments, insight, perspective, etc with your best friend. Otherwise you are doomed to be in a rut like no other.

I can hear my wife turning in our bed upstairs as the sun is coming back out for another day. I pull out my Lodge Cast Iron #10 and start frying a pound of bacon. Why? To honor my wife as she had the forethought to honor my 4 fold. No time did I know “Leonard” to be unfaithful….not once.

Ok, everyone, thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you…..except Patty.

Bye now, and God Love you!





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