WOW….REALLY??? I am a OLD Guy. Why are you looking at me like that?

Peace be to you!

I want to share with you a few things: I used to weigh 308 pounds. I decided to drop  a boat load of weight just so I can control something in my life. I am now at 177 pounds and am at 24.6 BMI. I am able to do 50 push ups. 40 Sit ups, lift and do Bicep/triceps work. I am able to split logs of wood to fill a face cord and NOT even break a sweat in a summer evening. So for that, I am flirted with by women half my age….but if I was a woman who accomplished that, I would be subjected to body shaming…….Yes, I have come face to face with friends who are training for a local Triathlon, got in great shape, were asked to pose for a picture and were SLAMMED because they look pretty..What’s worse, the shaming was from another WOMAN.

Let me give you some back ground: “Savannah” and “Bambi”(not their real names….obviously) are blonde. They have “plastic alterations” and one is a body builder and one is just plain worked hard and her goals are about to be reached tomorrow. So, a woman shamed them by calling out that they were obviously posing and are models. Because when one does a tri, they do not have perfect fingernails (they do) make up and hair done perfectly. …BUT THIS SHAMING is by another woman.

What just happened???

As I listen to Bambi speak of this with a snicker behind her teeth, I, at first, felt sorry because I thought women were joined by this mythical and unbreakable sisterhood. Women (at least in my world)  stick together with each other even when a jerk is cheating on one and dating the other.  I can not get this. The woman who attacked Bambi and Savannah reminded me of some fat slob MALE who is about 40 years old and still lives with his parents in their basement…(Like a South Park Episode). I would use to find some excuse to defend this basement troll when I was heavy but now, I know what it is like to work very hard to get your body a certain weight/strength/BMI. I was wrong.

I can not help but think how pitiful that life must be, Quick to shame to make oneself feel better or superior one way or another. I like being a man. We can adopt and pretty much tell all people take a flying leap.(however, there are more boys NOT growing up to be men–Another topic???) My attitude is pretty much “F%^&in A” and “I DO NOT CARE WHAT YOU THINK, YOUR PETTINESS ENTERTAINS ME”

OK, Cubs lost to the Brewers and Notre Dame just fumbled (9/17; 8:34pm). Good Luck to my Coffee gal pals; I am sure you two will do just fine.

I will be looking at some boards on instagram for better adult professional outfits for a man of my frame. Perhaps that will be my next post.

Bye now, and God Love You!



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