Quit over-thinking stuff…. ” just go with the flow”

Peace be to you!

I had a conversation with my wife (my better half, the other half of my sky, my other self, my best friend, my beloved) this morning and she told me to quit over thinking stuff…..Just go with the flow. Ok,.how the heck do you do that?

“Money???”I asked, She responded without hesitation:

“we will always be broke but rich in love and family.”


“you are the one that got down on one knee 24 years ago and I said yes…..No give backs.”


They are 2/3 grown and out of the house. The youngest might as well be since he is a Senior in H.S…..Trust me, he wants out ASAP


“Well, out of 14 days, you really love one day: Payday!!


“We knew we would always be in debt as long as we have a house, why are you worried now. We only have 12 more years

The Fridge Breaking?”

Stuff Breaks…….you break a lot of it, Eddie

Dog messes carpet?”

….clean it up or I will

Menopause…..(Thought I would get her here…..NOPE)

It pauses Men to..this too shall pass

Retirement?”…..(she just laughed in my face at that one)

At this point, I was convinced that it was time to stop the argument and …go with the flow.

She is an amazingly talented and smart woman I married. She is quick witted and has the world on her shoulders. She continues to worry about everyone in the world except herself. What do I do for that? get her flowers? give her a foot massage? Buy her some Starbucks gift cards? What….How can I go with the flow if I do not know what is flowing where is it flowing to, what is up around the corner……..

See what I mean?

So, Here is what I believe “going with the flow means”

Shut up and listen, empathize, support….do some windows, cut the grass, take out the trash, walk the dog, clean the toilets, vacuum the house, make the bed, clean the showers…. Even if she does not notice. Just do it anyway. And when time has passed and tensions are lessened, it will all get dirty again…..Just go with the flow…



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