Coming out of the Closet…Embracing who I am and NOT caring what others think.

Peace be to you.

I have a friend (if you can call her that) who is not heterosexual. She is loaded with tats and loves to strut around like a cocky scared little boy would who realizes he is in it way over his head….You get the picture?. She has inspired me to come out publicly  with all that  who I am and request all who read this to support me. It is a very hard decision but I figure I will do so here before I do so with my family who I know will treat me differently after this earth shattering announcement.

I do not believe I will get their support since I believe doing so would disrupt my family life. I do NOT believe it will affect me at work or my workplace since what I do at work welcomes all….and I do mean ALL. I know my own father will not appreciate it and my mom (RIP) will be rolling in her urn since I know my dad will tell her in his own unique way.

I have been having these feelings; feelings of deep change within me. Changes that have almost manifested themselves several times but I have thought since I have given my heart to the tried and true, Grand and old as it is, it has changed as well. It is not a party anymore and I must accept that.

My friend has told me her story about coming out and how much it parallels mine: She is in love with a woman and BOTH of her families BOTH do not like it. I am afraid that is going to happen to me but I must step up and be the man and make decisions that may not be the best for everyone in the world but be the best (as I see it) for my family. I have decided to come out of the closet and not be ashamed anymore with my decision to make this public. I am tired of hiding all the time and hearing if I do this, the world will end, people will get killed, the sky will fall, free trade will be restored, gas prices will fall, there will be financial consequences, donkeys will not talk anymore….etc and so on. I just want to do this, come out and want everyone to not think I am some sort of deplorable person. But coming out as gay (or in her case, lesbian) has given me courage because it takes a lot to make a life changing announcements and this is a model for me to follow. So….Here Goes. I have an announcement to make:

I will be voting for Donald Trump. I no longer identify myself as a Republican. I declare myself a political independent.

The Gay thing? oh, that’s easy: I will always be a Male Lesbian in a monogamous relationship, I was born that way. I can’t change that so get over it.

Bye now, and God love you!



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