My Memorable Birthday Week!

Peace be to you!

What a birthday week. First on my birthday, I really pissed off a co-worker so much so that they no longer are “friends” with me on FB. I really never  cared about what people think of me. The fact that I am doing not only what i believe is right but also following protocol makes it that much better. It is sad that events turned the way they did however, in all honesty, the friendship I carried for her was really based on pity. I am sure “most* of you (read: * both) of you who read this will understand why I write; it has given me so much freedom….Like a weight being lifted…

(oh screw the silly metaphors). You all know what I mean.

Now, I do not mean to gloat or pass myself off with some sort of lame and false bravado but someday, I will be thanked. It is not about me. It’s about the optics of what it COULD look like….too many teachers are in the news lately and not for performance in the classroom. We (unlike Catholic Priests) are held to a trust level of confidence in the public eye. Priests can do no wrong but and the media distorts the actual facts ( Where as teacher/student relationships are ALWAYS in the news with one just about every week…

There is a special place in hell for teachers who have sexual relations of any kind with students. I guess I can not blame the students. If you knew how many teachers are screwing other teachers with multiple partners in that SAME school you would flip your wig.

OK, I gotta change the subject

Now, let’s talk about me. I came home on my birthday from work and my middle boy (my prodigal musical son) came home for a surprise visit.(and to drop off his laundry, get a free meal and scam some cash) but I do not care. He sat next to me at dinner. We all laughed and had fun. The waitress we had been so talkative that it made everyone feel a little put off…So what. Its my birthday and I liked it

This is a short one guys. I just got a gig and I will need to practice it!

By Now and God Love you!



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