Boys are NOT men…

Peace be to you.

I have a student who wears a purse. A woman’s purse. This student was born Male. He brings attention to himself by allowing others to insult and make fun of him. He says he does not care. Ok. But some of the comments being said about him are very cruel and mean. He is effeminate and carries himself very “queenly”. I find it ironic that his peers can say some of the most vile and inappropriate comments to him AND behind his back and yet, some are more sensitive than others.

I am aware of the free expression but some expression is not accepting who you are but honestly provoking those who will continue to make fun of you. Why would anyone want to put themselves through such misery?

Imagine my shock when I am asked why I have a problem with it when I mention that men should not wear purses but satchels…..When I told this young man this you would think I called him the N word with the MF, C, S and a Gay slur all wrapped into one.

Who am I to criticize him for his freedom to use a purse?

it’s not professional and it is not something that this Catholic School is tolerant of.

Well, you are the ONLY one who has a problem with it

No, I am telling you this not because I have a problem, I am telling you this so as to bring it to your attention WHY your choices are not professional AND are the subject of your teasing. It does not seem to bother you but my pointing out to you does.??? Are you purposely playing the victim card? I asked

No, you are just homophobic……

But your fellow students make fun of you to your face AND behind your back? NO wonder children now -a-days are confused. Do young men know they are programed to protect and provide? Do they know it is acceptable to seek the friendship of a young woman and allow feelings for her to develop? Do they know they should open the door for ladies, walk closest to the street when walking with her? What is the problem with teenage boys now is there is NO one to teach them how to be a man.

Boys should quit “hanging out with girls and start dating them”

Once boys start to realize they need to step up to the plate and be men with the responsibilities it takes to be an adult perhaps we can stop with the gender identity politics and get on to the next logical steps: Husband and Father. Can any woman with an honest heart and mind truly tell me that they would NOT want a man who would die for them because he loves her so much? What woman would not appreciate that?

Until then, no boy looks good with a purse designed for a woman… boy.

Bye now, and God Love you!








One thought on “Boys are NOT men…

  1. Role models, big brothers, kindness, friendship, involved fathers all help guide a young man, but judgment is easy but I think acceptance is better- who knows what has happened in someone else’s life to shape them? As I get older I try to be slower to judge.


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