CAMPING!!! ….with me and my wife. True Alone time with each other!

Peace be to you,

Do you know what I love to do with my wife? Camp. We both get all excited to head in my truck, plan for about 4 days and gather all our gear to run out to nature and hope to find a nice trail to see God’s Green earth, make a camp fire, have a beer, play cards, hold hands, talk, share, listen, walk some more, share with each other our goals, triumphs, stumbles, mis-steps, victories, make love, listen to the crickets, the dogs,  the deer and if we are lucky, hear distant thunder far, far away….. ALL while not caring if we shower…yes we stink and yes, we get sweaty but being outside and smelling like camp fire smoke covers all that up nicely.

My wife will plan all the food, all the reservations, all the activities,  and I will plan what we need in terms of gear. Tents, cooking stuff, blankets, beer, fire wood, food prep, cast iron, coffee etc. When we hit the camp ground, we will scout out our lot and clean up the rocks/twigs/brush. When you camp, you got to make sure the place you lay down is clear so you do not toss and turn at night.

One thing happened the last time we went camping was there was a young couple who had young children and the two adults were just screaming at each other. They were fighting and long story short, they left at 10pm and left a fire burning, towels everywhere, propane tanks, clothes…..they were too young to be in that adult situation. The children became fearful and cried as the 2 older “parents” swore and cussed at each other within ear shot of the little kids……..Some people should not be allowed to copulate. It was a most uncomfortable situation and we both felt bad for the kids.

One very cool thing is when we wake up before the rest of the camp ground. The fire is still burning with hot coals and no flames, the air is still. there is no sound, the sun is rising and the moon is setting. Sometimes there is a chill in the air and my other self (my wife) will ask that I start some coffee going as she lays unwithered in her warm sleeping bag all snuggled in tight. I have ALWAYS dug Sun rises. I like sunsets as well ever since I read the S.E Hinton novel THAT WAS THEN, THIS IS NOW, Pony Boy loved sunsets….so did and still do, I.

AS the coffee starts to boil, my wife will plan the day: She will share with me her plans for a beautiful nature hike, sitting on a dock and watching the stillness of the water as we slurp our coffee in an attempt to warm up. We will wish each other good morning, kiss and just be with each other. Don;t get me wrong, the intimacy  we share does not have to be physical. Many times, we love each other and many times, we are silent with each other. A kiss for the beginning of the day and off we go.

I wish ALL of you reading this blog, (both of you) can meet my wife. She is my best friend, My biggest supporter, the smartest person I know, the kindest person I know, the best mother in the world and among other things, my lover. I know all of you would love her. As Paul McCartney wrote, She rights me when I am wrong, Maybe I;m Amazed at the way I really need you.

Sunsets…”Stay Golden, Ponyboy.”

Bye now, and God Love you.






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