My Open Letter to Brian Wilson

Peace be to you!


Dear Brian Wilson,

I can not stop listening to Pet Sounds. It is amazing. I listen to it while happy, while sad, while drunk, while being with my wife, during sunrises, during sunsets, going to work, coming home—i recently saw you perform 3 times in 2015-16. Indianapolis, Chicago and most recently, Detroit. Each time on the way up and the way and the journey back home, …I listen to Pet Sounds multiple times.

I have done my share of recording music in the studio and I can tell you that what you did in both PET SOUNDS and SMiLE is for me, incomprehensible. Your music has the distinction of being the light and in the light simultaneously. What I mean to say is that Pet Sounds will be studied and listen to hundreds of years from now. There is simply very few to be counted in your musical level of genius. I believe I can speak to music genius because I am a classically trained musician and music teacher. I have been taught so well that i recognize genius because I am NOT one one. I have the ability to recognize how hard this must have been to transfer what you have in your head and heard and to bring it out of gifted and talented musicians like you did in 1966 AND your touring group presently

I scored tickets for your Indianapolis Show and can NOT WAIT until April 23rd 2017.

Safe Travels and oh, By the way. No Pier Pressure was just as artistic and brilliant as Pet/SMiLE

Eddie in INDY

Bye now, and God Love you!



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