My youngest Son to the rescue!!

Peace be to you!

Yesterday, two of those “Church People” came to my door again for the 4th time. Same lady but different partners each time; she was with her “elder” last night. I guess that is a big person in their cult, “religion”. They’re stated goal is to :”only want to have a discussion” and “Not to try to change my opinion”….Read: TO CHANGE MY BELIEF IN JESUS AND TO CHANGE MY BELIEF SYSTEM in CATHOLICISM .

As readers to my blog know, I am a struggling and sinful Catholic. I will be judged because my actions and comments will let everyone down. I should not be held up as a model Christian. I am way too loud, I do not believe in boundaries, I will try anything ONCE, I do not care what people think or say and even LIE about me…. but I do believe, and I do not mind, getting bashed for our faith.  But when 2 people gang up on me with increasingly intensity and are pushing a certain agenda (not a Christ Centered comment) I get worn down….I come close to losing the original question when I am verbally body slammed by other distractions that “bible people” put forth to trip me up and not to bring me closer to our Christ.

And out of nowhere, my youngest son joins by my side .

He just showed up….Without prompting, encouragement or calls from me. He was patiently listening while I was in high gear but struggling; like a loaded pick-up truck in a high gear going up a steep grade of a mountain. I needed to downshift and re-group but they were not letting up. My contention was why does your bible leave out certain passages of the Bible or re arrange entire passages? They did not want to answer that, but to only say it was the Catholic Bible and was “not the truth”.

And then, my son spoke up!

He took over my position like a clutch being engaged and down shifting; the RPM’s began to jump as I was about to sputter and stall….He spoke so eloquently–and forcefully with such authority  the Holy Spirit was there in this young boy of mine who proved to me he is a man. My son was not afraid and when he was offered literature from these people from the towers he politely and sternly refused stating: “I am very solid  in my faith.”

With all my flaws and inner disappointments and seemingly, falling short each time, I am uplifted with all my boys but this one moment will last with me for the rest of my life. I am proud of this young man. I am proud of all the men my wife and I have raised. The struggle within my soul is real and disappointing so many times. But watching those who “watch”walk away in a feeling of exasperation made me hold my head up higher, filled my chest with fatherly pride……and yes, I teared up. I hugged this little boy….I hugged  this man.

The next morning, he said to me ” Hey dad”  I looked up to him with the adulation of the recent event still fresh in my mind and he lifted up his leg and farted.

Like Father, Like Grandfather….That’s my boy.

Bye Now, and God Love you



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