Spoke with someone who READ THIS Blog….I know, Right???

Peace be to you!

On Friday, I had to go back to my hometown (which is near Chicago) for a friend’s funeral. It was sad to see her children in such a sad state but this is what life is. I time for every purpose under heaven.

As regular readers of this blog know (both of you), I am an extremest Catholic. So, the funeral had a Full MASS for her. After the final blessing, I hung out with some of the people who were at the service (and a bunch who were not who must have only come for the fired chicken) and someone I know let me know they read this blog. This Fireman has been a life long friend but for him to take the time to tell me he read this was a huge ego inflation and boost to me. Now, we normally break each other’s back and talk about cars, Bruce Springsteen and the repetition of all the memories we seem to embellish with each meeting and him high 4 ing me (inside joke with the boys).

And then there is my Cousin Al……….That will be coming in an future post.

As We said goodbye to DN, I could not help but recall that this is one of the 9 people that hung out with me and dated/married one of the boys. We were a tight group of friends that did so much together. We all got women in our lives and then when high school sweethearts fell apart, we came back together (for the most part) and me and 3 others (and their wives) are tight again for the last 30+ years.

Ok. I am going to take a break before I talk about my libatard cousin on line. He is such a stupid snowflake that I know my audience will laugh/be embarrassed with his written remarks…ESPECIALLY how he lied to get my contact info.

bye now, and God Love you!




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