“Mama Say Mama saa mu mock ku saa”

Peace be to you

I was laughing and making fun of all of those who did not vote for Mr. Trump for president of the United States of America as they continue to protest on college campuses. But when those protests become vile, call for the murder of Mr. Trump, his family and the raping of his wife, I can no longer remain silent.

  • Here is a sampling of what is said at these “protests”


  • Here are 2 people just being…well. (DISCLAIMER: It is LOADED with vile, racist, and profane comments. Proceed with that warning)


  • Here is how our Military GOLD STAR Father is treated:


Ok, this blog has a point. It is time for these children to get their butts popped! It is time for parents to NOT be afraid of disciplining their children. It is also time for pre-married girls to look long and hard at these children and ask themselves: Do I want my children acting like this? They are completely melting down, immature, out of line and making a spectacle of themselves. Trust me when I see these people I ask myself: This is what failed parenting looks like.

Ok if a young man wants to be a woman (Transsexual-Bruce Jenner) most women look at this as a woman thinking and understanding (RIGHTLY SO) that whatever makes her feel better about herself….Do you know what message it sends to men? It is SOOOOOO Easy to be a woman that even a guy can do it. That is NOT what a woman wants us men to think. Yes, it is demeaning but it is the message sent. I can no longer be bullied into having reactions that are negative from the result of others expressing themselves and expecting me to share their opinion. That is NOT diversity. It is Nazism.

Yes, these children are acting up because they did not get the person they wanted in the white house. But they lost fair and square. ..All they hyperbole in the world will not change that. Calling the winners Racists, Homophobes, bigots,  sexists, islamophobias…..and any other names without proving they are indeed all of those things….pointing to a New York Times article that reports SOMEONE said those things about the president-elect is NOT an acceptable source of evidence since they are in a state of flux now AND more importantly, it is not a direct action by the accused from the SJW.

SMH in Disgust……

So as I wrap this all up, my suggestion is we all give politics a rest as we go into Thanksgiving and The last Sunday of Ordinary Time: Christ the King. Let’s gather at the table of our home, enjoy the wonderful meal prepared for us by our loved ones, welcome family and friends from here and there, walk over to the record player in the front room (Vinyl is SO much better then Digital no matter who you are) put on the album of your choice, (Thriller by Michael Jackson is currently on my platter) and remember who we are: Americans

So grab a beer, a turkey leg, turn off your cell phones, pull up a board game, and give thanks to God and …..

“Mama Say Mama saa mu mock ku saa, Mama Say Mama saa mu mock ku saa,

Mama Say Mama saa mu mock ku saa Mama Say Mama saa mu mock ku saa”


Bye now, and God Love you!!






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