A visit with my dad and other insights

Peace be to you!

The other day, My dad came by for his normal and usual weekly dinner with me and my family. This past week was different. It was just me and my dad. Another time when it was just me and my dad and I quite frankly love being a son again. Not a husband, not a dad, not a dog babysitter….but a different role that I have not been in a while and only he can provide for me…a son.

My dad is the smartest person I know and the only person on earth I fear. He is wise is his knowledge of life and clever in his ability to fix just about anything he gets his hands on. Although he is older now and his dexterity is not what it used to be….you know, I am so tired of comments like what I just wrote that seem to be the epitome of loftiness….My father, my first role model is getting old and wearing down. Just as I am; My hands do not work as well, my mind needs to be reminded more then once and I get less and less focused. My mind is cloudy in some aspects (expect teaching). I fail to recall tasks I learn new at SBUX. It gets frustrating sometimes but the older I get the more I have in common with my dad. Although, he just takes it in stride and shrugs his shoulders with a sage comment like….”I am not getting any younger”

It was the last best day (weather wise) when he came over: I was able to have a bond fire and we had dinner outside around the fire ring. I told him about work and where I am with it. Where I want to be and what I think I will be doing in the next few years. My fears, My dreams, my future with the boys, my wife’s and my plans together as a couple again. Cars, the younger generation: (He tells me “Snowflakes” have been around longer than I thought) and there has always be these type of people around. Now there is just a name for it: Snowflakes. He laughed.

….and we continued to laugh and laugh and laugh. Laugh at the neigh-Sayers who could not wait to say the CUBS were dead. Those who hated Hillary but hated Trump more and were dumb-founded, Doctors, Nurses, TV announcers, Car Companies, the media, Pecan Pie, Beer, Coffee, Beer and More Beer.

My dad has become more of a friend I can’t wait to see every week then the same guy who tore my head off when I screwed up….I know now he did it because he loved me and wanted me to succeed….not STAY a screw up.

As we continued to laugh into the night, what he normally would leave after 1 hour and 15 min, he chose to stay with me for a little over 2 hours. It was nice to have a beer with your dad, sip hot coffee with your dad around a fire, talk baseball, his life with my mom BK (before kids), his love for his grand children….I could go on.

What a fun guy, my dad

As we began to wrap things up, it was dark outside before we realized it. We kept talking and laughing with more laughing than anything. The cadence of the conversation was winding  to a slow and I notice My dad has a quiet wisdom with his smile; Like peering into what serenity looks like. His eyes twinkling against the dimming flames of the fire and the glowing orange coals beneath remind us that all things (including fires and “fires” ) cool down.

If you get down to the end of this post please consider joining me and my dad every week for dinner. The sheer wisdom and laughs we share will have you mad at God since this man is not your father.

Bye now, and God Love you.





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