Happiness is “the boys” & your new ELMORE JAMES album both with Zombie Dust!

Peace be to you!

Is there anything better then enjoying a Zombie Dust Pale Ale (its really an India Pale Ale or IPA) while listening to the king of the slide guitar, Elmore James? I know of only a few things but this album is one of the best of his compilations albums. He only released one album in his life time and did a WHOLE MESS of side work for other artists. He was the original Mick Taylor of his time!

Things are wrapping up with final exams and Christmas concerts now that I am about to take 4 days off of no work what so ever in a row. I intend to fix the following:

  1. Shampoo the carpets on the main floor…and possibly the man cave downstairs
  2. hook up my printer to the modem so i can print via Bluetooth from any computer in the house
  3. accomplish  to add 20% more chin ups
  4.  Organize my desk in my office downstairs
  5. I intend to ……….hold on, I got to flip the record

Ok, that’s better. Now where was I ??

6.   I want to take my wife out for dinner at least twice on this break

I have a stack of papers to grade this weekend as grades need to be turned in on Monday, the 19th. I thought I would have to go in but with the wonderful thing called the internet, I can post grades directly from home. Now that I know how to do that AND can do that, I will.


Last Thursday I learned one of the boys was home for a visit. He now lives in Minn and its rare to see him. I miss TR deeply as we have always had a tight bond (still there but would like to hang with him more). Another one of the boys JC is dealing with his wife as she is experiencing some medical issues (keep her in your prayers please).

TR ( the not so better looking guy in the glasses) told me his daughter is getting married!. of course I was happy, No firm date was told to me yet but he likes him so that means we all like him as well. So, another time we will all get together and make fools of our selves with the free booze…..It will be great to see everyone again. I think , no,I shall buy the father of the bride a case of Zombie Dust when this wedding takes place.

Here is a picture of 3/4 of “The Boys”:

img_3875The other man with us is JC. He is always trying to steal my halo and as you can tell, I am violently trying to push him away. (No, I am not trying to feel him up, jeez, get your mind out of the gutter you sickos). He is months away from retirement. I am so excited for him because of his hormones, he had to start working like a man as soon as he turned 17. He has not stopped since. Of all of us, he deserves a break on some beach somewhere with lots of Rum. ….My wife and I will end up with them on that beach someday..but with Zombie Dust. Not far behind will be TR and his twin brother (the last member of “the boys” not pictured, unfortunately) TR and with his wife. We all are close to retirement but JC will lead the way on this one. I think it safe to say we all have more years behind us then in front of us. I for one, can see the light at the end of the tunnel and it is getting bigger and brighter…faster.

Ok, I want to hear Elmore James again so I am going to flip the record and listen to the album again and grade some papers….Am I missing something???….oh yea, NOW I (hiccup) remember…

Bye now, and God Love you!


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