Coming in Positive, leaving 2016 the same way…well, almost.

Peace to you!

Nothing says Snowflake breakdown like a Trump Victory.……(No, I better not write that.)

Nothing says “GET OVER IT” like someone seeking a “pity party”* and my choosing NOT to attend…..(No, I better not write that either)

You know, if you tell me something and you anger me …Well, No, I better not write that on….(but I want to)

You know when you tell me my wife is beautiful, I must agree. When you tell me that this beer is good and I should try it, I will give it a go…. and when you ask me to help you, I shall help all I can.

When you seek my advice, I will give it with no expectation you take it. When you are crying and are sad, I will offer my ear and an open heart (I would even offer to hug you). When you need to borrow my truck I will lend it (….but want some gas $$)

When someone points their finger at you, be reminded that 3 other fingers are pointing back at themselves. When you tell me you are leaving for a better paying job, you have my support, but please do not get mad at me if I suggest you stay anyway. If you want to argue with me but STILL like our bonfires, please come! When I see you at the Holy Sacrifice of the MASS, please know that I am a sinner and no matter what I do, I will never stack up to your level of piety and Since God only seeks my repentance, I;ll go that route.

If you tell me something with the expectation “to keep it to myself”, I will … but you should be careful who you speak to about it because I don’t know who else knows.

If I irritate you, get over it

If I entertain you, I will try to make you laugh again.

If my work pleases you, I will offer more

If you do not have the courage to recognize your own paranoia and mental imbalances,  I do and you should get some professional help right away. (people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones)img_3845

Moving on,…….


If you want to talk about the Cubs, Please do. I am eager for you to share your thoughts.

IF you want to talk about your children, allow me to share with you the story of mine.

If you think you are intimidating me, you are REALLY entertaining me.

Now, with all kidding aside, please know that 2016 has been a year of firsts: 1st time I tried other beers, first time I held a hummingbird, watch a son graduate from college, change my job status and become happy again, first time I professionally adjudicated and band contests, faux judged not 1, not 2, not 3, but 5 Marching Band Contests and I am going to do more!!! I am now in kinda “demand” to do some band contest judging. First time I wrote a blog. Thank you for reading this, by the way.

My wife and I have been so blessed to have so many friends and family surrounding us, supporting us, being with us and just being there for us and inviting us to celebrate their special times . So many parties this week have told us that we need to really say “Can’t this year”. It is great to be part of something that is bigger than yourself and NONE of them are work related…..(I guess that is why they have lasted decades!!! )

As I am about 4 hours away from ending 2016, I eagerly look forward to 2017 and wait to see what it holds for us! With my wife of almost 25 years, (25 in 2017) I know we will find adventure, discover new things about ourselves, share new things, see new places and do it all…..together.

Without my wife, I am nothing. With my wife, I have everything!!!

“She is the other half of my sky”–John Lennon.

She is, John. She sure is

Bye now, and God Love You!!!!


*Thank you E.JH for that term, Never heard it before until we talked about…..well, you know who.


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