The worse day of my life….1/19/16

Peace be to you

………but on Jan. 20th at Noon, for the next 4 years (but probably 8) each hour will get steadily better. Here is what I expect:

  • DEAD ISIS MEMBERS….lots of them
  • Russia will fear us
    • and North Korea, China, Iran, Iraq, Syria,
  • MORE Domestic jobs
  • LESS DEPENDENT on Oil from Terrorist countries
  • Fairer trade deals
  • cheaper things on EVERYTHING American Made
  • a Wall that Mexico will pay for
  • Constitutional jurists on the SCOTUS and other various places in the judiciary
  • a WHOLE BUNCH of programs relegated BACK to the states. (See the 10th Amendment)
  • GETTING AND KEEPING Israel’s back against terrorism
  • more things with the label “MADE IN AMERICA”
  •  Less Lena Dunham and more Jeff Dunham
  • Less Robert DiNiro and more ……. (Uh, I’ll have to get back to you on that one)
  • a Stronger Military
  • a weaker bureaucracy
  •   More (much more) snowflake meltdowns who will STILL love his tax cuts
  • BIG tax cuts
  • …..I mean “YUUUUGGGEE”
  • The inner cities experiencing a Renaissance
  • My Savings in 401K and 403b to bounce up….
  • and my tax obligations to drop significantly.
  • ROE V. WADE overturned
  • Planned Parenthood out of Business


Thank you, Washington Post for this Youtube video…..

Bye now, and God Love you!


PS…..See you after the inauguration of President Trump! #MAGA


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