My OPEN letter to those who #BOYCOTTSTARBUCKS….. I wish you wouldn’t. Here’s why.

Peace be to you!

Dear Friends. I am a radical right wing extremist who proudly voted for Donald J. Trump. I am very concerned of those children who want to shut down free speech by the constant barrage of fake news, bogus protests, the glaring lack of critical thinking and the deafening howl of hypocrisy that is the definition of a “snowflake” or SJW. But Boycotting Starbucks makes me believe you are doing the same.

I am also a Starbucks Barista and proudly so. At my Starbucks store, I am surrounded by those who disagree with me politically but treat me with respect all the same. They ask questions on why I think the way I do and afterwards come to the understanding and (sometimes) the agreement of what I believe. At no time in the almost 2 years I have been a partner for this company have I been the target of harassment or shaming. Quite the opposite, I am sought out for my opinions and reasons why. It is what’s called “nurturing the human spirit” and I do this with coffee. Let me give you something to think about.

Every morning at my store, there comes in a group of retired men who sit at the “committee table” as we call it. They meander in as time suits them. They are older men who guzzle coffee and you would think they are a surrounded island but by contrast to what one would think, they are what I call the representation of America. They ALL have different political opinions AND welcome all. Seriously, these old men will talk to anybody and I know why.

I have seen with my own eyes and have even sat with them on my break to know that they are liberal, conservative, lovers of history, admirers of the opposite sex, and welcomes those who are homosexual.  In addition they respect the different colors of humans of every shade, They flirt and know how NOT to get accused of sexist remarks; they complement women of all ages. Watching these women giggle is refreshing to me because so many boys do not know how to talk to women and too many girls are quick to not recognize a simple Hello and a smile. These men are voracious readers of the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Local Papers, USA today in addition to Sports, topical Maps, Hiking, the red cups, great mom and pop restaurants, Brietbart News, CNN, FOX News, VOX, gardening, ….hell, these old dudes even take care of a local homeless man by buying him coffee and a bite to eat EVERYTIME he wanders in. They don’t laugh much but when they do, it is infectious. During the holidays, I have seen other customers even bring them goodies and treats…..and flirt BACK with this aged men.

What makes these dudes unique is they don’t have a laptop or a computer devise to distract them. They are speaking directly to each other, Face to Face, and all enjoying a cup of coffee, a newspaper and making fun of me (in good fun) of the latest hat I am wearing. Since you have read this far, I feel compelled to tell you that too many times , NO–Virtually EVERYTIME someone orders, uses the drive thru, waiting to pick up their coffee, they have their face buried in their PDA. They lose sight of nurturing the human spirit and are truly missing out. Friends, do not boycott Starbucks, go get a cup of coffee and talk to someone. My challenge to you is 2 fold: 1. sit down for a cup of coffee with no computer and watch SOOOOO Many people NOT communicate. Therein lies (I think) the biggest problem in America: failure to communicate with those around us. It’s a shame really. And 2. Buy someone a cup of Pike Place and if a conversation starts up, allow it to continue. You were given 2 ears and one mouth. God wants you to listen more than speak….try it.

Don’t be like those who do not want to hear you. Listen and explain your position. Open your ears, don’t interrupt and understand what they are saying. You don’t have to agree with it but get all the facts.

And for those who are criticizing Mr. Shultz for his hiring 10K immigrants and instead hire 10K veterans, Starbucks honors vets. Heck, we even have an honor roll call for all baristas who are Vets; here, let me show you:


And if I can go one step further, I would offer what my Manager (“Big Money, Little Buddy”) said to me: “If a Vet walked in and asked for a job, I would give it to him…as a matter of fact, Starbucks is VERY Vet friendly”.

I will NEVER forget what happened to America in 2001 and I want to tell those who want to call me names to invite me to politely ask why I think this way. I harbor lots of anger toward the 20+hijackers in September of that year. But I also know, that what happened 16 years ago is lost on a generation that has its nose in a computer screen or their phone. They are so quick to protest this and that but most of the time, I have learned that they can not accurately communicate EXACTLY what they are protesting. What that accomplishes is digging a  deep moat around themselves.

Do you realize that is exactly what you are doing by boycotting????

I will close now but wish to invite you to turn off your PDA, get a cup of coffee and talk with each other. This will inspire AND nurture the Human spirit.

Bye now, and God Love you!



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