Peace be to you!

If you are like me and have for years bought into the line that “oh, you don’t need to buy me anything special on Valentine’s Day” then this post is especially for you. It seems like the MOST DIRECT communication you have had in years and you believe it. My advise it to you is QUIT LISTENING TO IT. She wants the roses and candy on Valentines Day. So NOT buying her anything is like her “saying” NO when she really means HECK YES!!!

Let me explain.

Yesterday, was Valentines Day and at 2 of my 3 jobs, Women came in and BRAGGED they got roses, flowers, a giant teddy bear, candy, chocolates, affection….and those who did not laughed it off like “just another made up Hallmark holiday” but as a 51-year-old man who NOW notices the little things that women do that are non-flirtatious, those who didn’t get anything were a bit crushed and even one young married teacher was plunged deep in her well that screamed: “I am no longer young and pretty to be even noticed”. I came back with “have you ever said oh, you don’t need to buy me anything” line?

“Well, yes but,  if he really loved me then he should know that…..

I stopped her RIGHT THERE and said….Well, Some Man listened to you and isn’t that what you want??


I am going to go out and call out those who Limbaugh calls the Feminazis and place this blame directly at your  Birkenstocks  sock wearing feet. You have done more to screw up the relationship of a Man and a Woman than any other political or social construct. Gender Specific is reality and the 2 sexes are co-equal, meaning….They are co-equal. Each has a weakness that the other has strength to balance out. No one can deny the equal pay thing and the equal opportunity thing but NOT at the expense of men acting like Gentlemen….(Let’s distinguish between the boorish and the ideal definition of a man…do on your own)

I got to give Mr. Trump props. This is what an ALPHA Male does. He protects in spite of overwhelming criticism and attacks. He does not seek affirmation from anyone except his woman. You know ladies, that part in the bible that says submit to your husbands, Let me translate that in 21st Century speak: ladies, you have to lower your communication ability so we can understand you. We are hard-wired to hear direct communication. Do you know some men do not even recognize when you twirl your hair and look at our lips when you talk to us?…YES, we don’t get your non verbal clues.

When a man sees a woman RUN over to hug her man who is NOT him, he will ask….what did I miss? Why can’t my woman hug me like that? I DO EVERYTHING SHE ASKS…..And yes, you are correct, you listen to her and instead of treating her like a woman, we treat her like an equal….equal to us….like another “man” and THAT means: NOT LISTENING. By listening to the “oh, you don’t need to buy me anything” what we are hearing is “treat me like one of the guys” because that is how you would treat your main man, your wingman, you “guy”, your homie, your @#*$&^@ partner in crime. AND THAT IS NOT What she is saying …but then again, she does not speak nor understands how a man thinks about honor. She understands the sex thing. ALL men make that obvious and it is not the subject of this post.

So if you sent us your non verbal cues as to wanting something we did not get the memo. If you tried to send us subtle hints… did not register….if you told us”oh, you don’t need to buy me anything”. We heard you loud and clear… is that for communication? That is not what you wanted…you wanted Roses and Candy.  But we heard, lazy couch time because that is what we (BURP) like…..

Give us a reason (from another man perspective) to hang out and we will belch, fart, cuss, laugh and most of all….stay silent for long periods of time. We as men and especially YOUNG men  NOW just want to hang out with people. YOUNG MEN do not even date anymore. Why do young men no longer want to date women? Another post.

When we hear the “oh, you don’t need to buy me anything” we hear….”oh, I don’t need to buy YOU anything”…..OK, Message received. So if you did not get what you wanted and think we should just get it because we love you, we won’t–because you said “oh, you don’t need to buy me anything”. And we are doing EXACTLY what you want BECAUSE we love you……See how that works?? OK you don’t. But ALL men do. So if the day comes and goes and nothing happened to you, not one shred of romance happened, did you say “oh, you don’t need to buy me anything” are you happy today? because your man is happy now that he has an extra 80 dollars in his pocket….enough for a new X-Box Game and he loves you.

I know I can tell you that there were a lot of happy women at my school/work today. Story after Story did I hear about roses, flowers, a giant teddy bear, candy, chocolates, affection and one lady spoke about how the flowers she received filled the room with its scent. Still one other told me she has not gotten flowers since she was 13. (She’s 35+ now). I have never seen “JJ” so happy. The smile across her face spoke of scare tissue around her heart at least melting away from the actions of her man.

So to wrap this up: Women—say what you want directly. Men, Shut up, don’t try and solve her problems, she does not need to be rescued she needs to be heard. That is why God gave us 2 ears and one mouth; LISTEN and UNDERSTAND HER…..and buy her more flowers

And speaking of men, I can also tell that there are a lot of less stressed men in my field of vision today. HOW? you ask?

because of their non-verbal looks, their sly smiles and a spring in their step.

BYE NOW, and God Love you!


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