The Manchester Terrorist Attack


There is so much going on prior to Summer Break that it is fun to keep up with it.

  1. My Sons are preparing for life—-My wife and I could not be prouder of these men we raised.
  2. We (her and I) are starting to be a couple again. We talk about going to the local pub to watch Cubs games and get a bit to eat.
  3. My career continues to call me even though I want to ignore it. I want to hurry up and retire but my expectations of myself dictate that I continue and my past has presented opportunities that were unforeseen one month ago. Judging Band Contests have been fun and quite frankly, profitable.

So where am I right now. First. I am happy. I am rested. I am relaxed. I see light at the end of the tunnel ….but I also see another tunnel approaching. The tracks are not ending but they are going into a different direction and I am curious to see where it leads. I am sure you all have heard the expression if you come to a y in the road ….take it. I never truly understood that until I came into that Y. …..I get it now. I am taking it and shook hands over it. ….Thanks Mr. Dinkins.

All through it all was my other self, She who I can not live without nor love enough. Why do so many discount the utter importance of the heart of a woman. Boys just don’t get it nowadays. No wonder relationships are so complicated. My prayer is men see the axiom behind every man is a great woman. For life is so much easier when your best friend is not only your lover but your deepest and personal spiritual companion, co-conspirator in EVERYTHING and A-1 best drinking buddy

The fact is, you can never really count on things you have no control over; You just can’t.  But don’t we waste tons of time worrying about them?…What a futile and lurid way to burn up time….If you must burn something, build a fire pit and get it away from EVERY wifi signal….You will be glad you did.


I feel like I need to call your attention to the terrorist attack that happened in Manchester, England. Are you aware this “Lion for allah” targeted children at this concert. Ariana Grande’s clientele are young girls within the ages of 6-20 which comprise most of her audience.  I can not help but call for utter destruction of ISIS and all its cancerous associates in every and all its forms. Your false religion that kills children and holds up those that KILL CHILDREN, Kills Christians, Jews and those who disagree with them, Homosexuals, the mentally challenged, the physically challenge , are evil.  YOU ARE EVIL LOSERS. You follow a wicked ideology. This Wicked Ideology must be obliterated.

I am sure the aforementioned paragraph will be used against me for some sort of “hate speech” and used to deter the aims of my personal/professional/spiritual life. Why would I do put my reputation/self out there like that? What is so deeply rooted in my stance against extreme radical islamic terrorists….

Read the beginning of this post again and you will know. Start with “Peace be to you”


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